1292 people have Qickchatted this past month

The Problem

Tired of expensive phone calls to companies whose services I already pay for
Unable to find the links for chat facilities for the businesses I want to talk to
Frustrated at being on hold for hours trying to resolve simple issues
Wanting to ask multiple questions of multiple companies

The solution

1 Sign up or log in

You can use Qickchat without registering if you want to, or can log in using Facebook. Registration only takes a couple of minutes and will allow you to chat to multiple companies at once, and save companies as favourites for your next visit. Once registered, you can securely login from your chosen device using your unique user ID and personalised password.

2 Select a company to Qickchat with

Simply click on the drop down menu in the free app or web browser to choose the company you need to talk to. A broad range of major businesses already use Qickchat, and our list is expanding all the time.

3 Start your Qickchat

As soon as you’ve chosen who you want to talk to, you can get underway with your Qickchat. It’s far more convenient than waiting on hold, and you can start Qickchats anywhere and at any time.

4 Select Multichat to talk with more than one company

In order to Multichat you will have to either register or log in using Facebook. Multichat lets you talk to more than one company, whether about the same thing or multiple topics, while letting you switch easily between conversations.

5 End and save your Qickchat

Once you’re finished, Qickchats can be shared across social media, and a copy of your chat can be sent to your email.

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@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Great looking website @qickchat
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Über have done it - you have done it- made my life easier!!
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:35
At last- a simple way to get in touch with a company