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Tom Baggaley

Tom is a father and entrepreneur, with over 12 years’ experience running and integrating live chat programmes, including with well-known brands like Aviva and Barclays. He now works as an independent market consultant supporting a range of global webchat providers. Tom had the idea for a chat solution that had customers at its heart that would be both intuitive and time saving for consumers. He came out of the corporate wheel to fully realise the opportunity, from idea to reality. And so Qickchat was born.

Libby Baggaley

Libby is a full-time working mum, and has worked as a business analyst for ten years. Two of those years were in an e-commerce department for a major insurer, developing functions within their websites. Libby has also worked with a smaller local company developing a new app using proximity marketing, as well as having experience in using Agile methodologies.

Matt Wilson

Matt is a hardworking family man. He has extensive experience in a range of fields, including studying with PwC for five years, as well as seven years working as a specialist in online marketing. Matt has set up and developed a number of successful local and regional businesses. He currently works as a project manager with the NHS, and has experience of working in the third sector.

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@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Great looking website @qickchat
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Über have done it - you have done it- made my life easier!!
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:35
At last- a simple way to get in touch with a company