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Qickchat is an innovative new way for you to connect with your customers. If you currently use live chat, Qickchat will seamlessly integrate with it. Alternatively, we can help you find the best supplier to meet your needs.

Our bespoke app ensures that connectivity is maintained no matter where the customer is, so you’ll have happy customers who don’t have to keep calling back.

Our customers, both businesses and the first users of Qickchat, have been overwhelmingly positive in their response. Qickchat is an effective and new solution to an age-old problem. We will help you define your contact strategy, and support you in developing bespoke reports including user metrics to ensure that you know how you’re doing compared to the rest of the market.

Our growing portfolio of customers includes companies ranging from utility providers to banks, major national chains to local specialists.

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@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Great looking website @qickchat
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Über have done it - you have done it- made my life easier!!
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:35
At last- a simple way to get in touch with a company