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When life is slow #BeQick

No more on hold headaches

Long afternoons, held in queue after queue, with terrible hold music is now a thing of the past. Qickchat’s Multichat function allows you to speak to multiple companies, at the same time, at your own pace. Get your life back.

Quick and easy to use

Once you’re registered with Qickchat, you can add your most frequently used brands as favourites. Talking to a company just became as Qick and easy as messaging your best friend.

Qikchat. Wherever you are

If you’re connected to the internet, you’re connected to the brands. Speak to your water provider, your bank and your chemist at the same time from the sofa, the train or the beach.

What you need. When you need it.

1 Sign up or log in.

2 Select a company to start a Qickchat with.

3 Start your Qickchat.

4 Select Multichat to talk with more than one company.

5 End and save your Qickchat.


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Not the conversation.

If you want to know about what Qickchat is and what it can offer you, click here to view our video tour. It will give you all the information you need; how easy it is to get started, how it works, how to save copies of your Qickchats, and how to get going with Multichat to talk to more than one business.

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@qickchat #BeQick

@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Great looking website @qickchat
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:53
Über have done it - you have done it- made my life easier!!
@qickchat • Thu Jun 09 14:35
At last- a simple way to get in touch with a company

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